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Portland: Where Green Is Interactive

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Today we continue aboard our Vitamin T Vitamin-shaped Bus as we spotlight all the Vitamin T offices across the nation.

(Okay, we’ll be honest here. The Vitamin T Vitamin-shaped bus is still on back order, so we’re relying on the good ol’ VOIP phone system in the meantime. We’ll keep you updated on the bus.)

Next stop: Portland!


Not the other one. We’re talking about the one that’s famous for coffee, unceasing rain, microbreweries, ironic facial hair, the Trail Blazers, and an enthusiasm to Keep Portland Weird.

We managed to get a couple moments with agent Tiffany Jennings to find out why everyone is incessantly talking about moving to Portland.

Vitamin T: What do you love most about Portland? 

Tiffany: You mean besides being an hour and half from the mountain or the beach, year-round mild weather, the best Pinot grapes on the planet, a local brewery on every other block, and being the home to the largest independent bookstore in the world? Well, I’d have to say the opportunities I've had to meet lots of amazing, smart, and talented people. 

Vitamin T: Why is it a great place for interactive talent?

Tiffany: The rise of creative and ad agencies over the last few years, bringing in all sorts of new brands to our market. Nike feeds a lot of interactive talent in this town, along with adidas, Columbia Sportswear, and Intel

Vitamin T: What advice do you have for talent moving to Portland?

Tiffany: Network. Network. Network! This is a close, involved, and welcoming creative community. Making efforts to expand your network always pays off. 

Vitamin T: What are some great networking orgs to connect with?

Tiffany: There are so many...

(Wow, we said to ourselves, that last one sounds like a really bad idea. But then we remembered we were in an interview and had to keep notes.)

Vitamin T: What are some of the standout ad agencies here? 

Tiffany: Wieden+Kennedy, Ziba, CMD, Instrument, and Nemo.

Vitamin T: What's one odd factoid you can share about Portland that newcomers wouldn't know?

Tiffany: If you're carrying an umbrella, we know you're not a local.  

Want to learn more about living and working in Portland? Connect with our Portland office. They’ll be glad to help!

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