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18 Things Creatives Shouldn’t Do On Twitter

Source: petesimon

At the end of 2012, our Australian Marketing Director, Carolyn Hyams, came up with this fantastic list of what NOT to do on Twitter if you’re looking to use it for business purposes (that is, not just RT Jimmy Fallon).

Because we’re well aware that social media moves faster than two speeding thumbs, we had our Digital Zookeeper Tiffany update this list of 18 Things Creatives Shouldn’t Do On Twitter for 2014 and beyond!

  1. Don’t set up auto DMs for new followers. It really annoys people.
  2. Don’t “protect your tweets.” What’s the point of using Twitter for marketing if people can’t see your tweets?
  3. Don’t follow thousands of random people. Only follow those who add value to your stream (not because they have 2,932,039 followers and will follow you back).
  4. Do not use more than two hashtags in your tweets. Never three (or more). It makes your tweets unappetizing.
  5. Don’t schedule multiple tweets that suddenly appear in your stream at the same time. You’ll be labeled a “spammer” and, yes, people will unfollow you.
  6. Do not add #teamfollowback or anything of the sort to your bio. It doesn’t add value.
  7. Don’t use anything other than a photo of yourself (or, if you’re tweeting as a brand, a company logo) for your avatar. People prefer to engage with people. A photo of yourself—and not your pet hamster—is what people want to see.
  8. Don’t live tweet every word of a conference or talk. Be very picky and only tweet quotes that are valuable to your followers.
  9. Unless you’re a food blogger, don’t tweet what you had for breakfast/lunch/dinner. Sorry, people just don’t care.
  10. Don’t send a tweet without checking your spelling. Spelling mistakes will make you look unprofessional and clients don’t hire unprofessional people.
  11. Don’t tweet about sex, religion, or politics. Unless, of course, it’s your area of specialization and that’s what you’re marketing.
  12. Don’t treat Twitter as a broadcast channel. Do more listening and engaging than talking.
  13. Do not overly promote yourself. Be generous, add value, and share a lot. It’s the best kind of promotion you can do.
  14. Do not use CAPITAL LETTERS. It’s the equivalent of shouting. You know how much people love someone shouting at them, right?
  15. Don’t post your tweet on other social platforms (manually or automatically). Unless it’s written appropriately for the other platform, e.g. if your tweet contains hashtags or @, remove them for LinkedIn. Also remember that the tone of each platform should be different. It’s best to customize for each one. BTW, keep the hashtags on Pinterest and Facebook, but don’t go overboard.
  16. No one cares where you checked in or what you’re the mayor of on Foursquare. Don’t pollute your feeds with trivial information.
  17. Don’t set up an auto-tweet announcing how many people unfollowed you. Not cool. Not cool at all.
  18. Don’t share a link without crediting your source.

Anything else to add?

Let us know in comments!

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