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Technical Writer

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Our agency client is looking for a remote, freelance technical writer to help with a project:


Start = ASAP

Duration = 2-3 months

Freelance, remote


Technical Writer =


We are looking for a writer to help us edit/write a user guide for programmatic marketing technology.  This will include translating technical brochures, articles, and training documents for non technical minds.


Current project is to create guides using the pendo tool. It’s a tool that allows us to create overlays on a software application. So you can have a tutorial guide when you first get on the site and it says, click here, and some info about the feature and then it will tell you to clear here next and give you more info etc…


This writer will be working with our internal team fleshing out how many guides, what the outline and content would be. We have designers who can help storyboard it out. 


What I’d like is someone who can write copy and ideally someone who has created training material before would be ideal. Pendo is the tool we’re using so anyone with that kind of experience would be great. We are not sure how many guides we need but we are thinking we need quite a few. It will serve as a tutorial for our users and also our sales people. The salespeople would get a different version of the tutorial tailored to them.


So someone who has experience creating tutorials, and storyboarding out similar types of things on a software app would be great. Experience with Pendo would be a bonus. We have videos the person can watch to see the training we got.