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Sr. Full Stack / Front End Developer


May 01, 2018

Austin, TX

Temp To Perm

Agent: Allyson H.

Job #: 132258

Job Description

Our client is looking for an advanced technologies developer, creative technologist, or software development unicorn to help conjure up unique product ideas for clients in the Fortune 500.

But what does that mean exactly? If you can imagine yourself coming up with ideas to solve problems based on your own experiences and that of those around you, then starting to research on those ideas only to find that there are similar ones that have been done that then leaves you a little discouraged but only to realize that you work with some of the most amazing and talented people in business and tech, then we should talk.


  • Minimum of 6 years of experience making things or developing things
  • General problem solving skills (ie. willing to bang your head against the wall when something isn’t blatantly obvious)
  • Technology agnostic (any tool can possibly be the right tool)
  • Software engineering and/or creative coding oriented (can act as a solution architect when needed without losing the UX/UI vision)
  • The ability to rapidly prototype across multiple disciples of technology
  • Hardware knowledge beyond basic arduino sketches (you don’t have to be an EE engineer but can do more than just follow DIY tutorials)
  • Demonstrated expertise in three or more of the following areas
    • Full stack web development
      • Nodejs, React, Polymer, Go, Django, NGINX, etc.
    • Native mobile app development
      • iOS, Android
    • Machine learning (low level understanding a plus)
      • Frameworks and libraries such as: Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch, Caffe(2), NumPy etc
      • Data collection, cleaning, etc.
    • Hardware prototype (PCB design a plus)
      • Tech-Art related work like pipeline tool development
      • Game programming and design
      • The principles and mechanics are the important thing, you don’t have to have shipped AAA titles or anything.
    • Interactive installation design and execution
    • XR experience
      • VR, AR, MR device and platform knowledge
      • Experience developing proofs of technology with the platforms
    • Computer Vision
      • General depth sensor and time of flight sensor knowledge
      • SLAM and other related computer vision knowledge
      • Photogrammetry
      • Traditional vs machine learning approaches
    • Robotics
      • Building hardware from kits or scratch
      • ROS experience
      • Familiarity with state of the art in the industry
    • Smart Contract Development
      • Solidity and Ethereum development understanding
      • IPFS and distributed systems knowledge
  • Demonstrated experience in three or more of the following programming languages:
    • Python, C, C++, C#, Go, Java, Javascript, Ruby
  • Collaborative coding development tools experience
    • Versioning systems, Git, SVN, Mercurial
  • Reading whitepapers doesn’t cause your eyes to glaze over
  • Understand the value of being able to tell a story


  • You want to build the future using any technology
  • Because you teach yourself things and don’t need a fancy degree to prove it
  • You take responsibility and ownership for all things you create
  • You work well alone but also really well with teams
  • You can handle flexible, changing, and occasionally noisy workspaces
  • You love what you do, hard things don’t seem impossible, and the 1980s can actually be cool sometimes

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