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Content Project Manager


Sep 12, 2017



Agent: Beverly S.

Job #: 122962

Job Description

Position Description: 
Provides high-quality, accurate, timely, and cost-effective project management from manuscript through bound books digital conversion. Ensures market-focused production to achieve revenue growth targets. Manages all aspects of the production of print and digital content for all components of assigned project, including full-service project management and hands-on project management, as appropriate. Works closely with other functional groups and key stakeholders, especially Product Management, Content Development, and Digital Production and Development. 
Essential Duties/Responsibilities: 
• Plans, budgets, schedules, and manages production of assigned projects from manuscript through bound books or delivery for digital conversion 
• Manage CL-approved full-service vendors or qualified independent contractors (ICs) as necessary to complete outsourced or hands-on production for all assigned projects. Holds vendors and ICs accountable for adhering to quality, budget, and schedule expectations. 
• Manages in house or directs production service in the following areas as needed for all project components: project management, design, castoff, copyediting, composition, proofreading, indexing, art rendering, photo acquisition, text and image permissions, XML-related activities, and final file delivery for output, and any other related activities. 
• Makes early assignments to approved full-service vendors or receives written approval as required to assign outside scales vendor program. 
• For hands-on projects coordinate all freelance/IC activities, anticipating and solving problems. Checks all stages of manuscript and proof. Serve as primary production contact for author and coordinates all production-related author tasks and scheduling. 
• Works with Product Team and manager to create and approve plate budgets for assigned projects. 
• Investigates areas for cost savings without making compromises on quality. Monitors all costs throughout the production process and reports on and resolve potential or actual budget overruns in a timely manner. Recommends or assists product team in determining alternate courses of action to keep project on budget 
• Works proactively and collaboratively with cross-functional teams to ensure timely delivery of all content, components, source files, and other deliverables for creation of print and/or digital projects 
• Develops, monitors, and maintains project priorities, resources, and schedules from early production planning through publication to meet defined market needs; assists in resolving process, workflow, or other potential impediments, and communicates with project team members and appropriate manager(s) all schedule changes that may impact any deliverable 
• Reviews and evaluates all stages of text and art manuscript to determine production readiness. Develops a production plan and determines all project needs, including copyediting requirements. 
• Works with full-service vendor, IC, or independently to analyze design and participates in design review. 
• Establishes production schedules in conjunction with project team members to meet key market windows. Establishes early and continuous communication with Digital Production on required projects to help ensure timely delivery. 
• Manages project data integrity on a daily basis, ensuring all project-related data is kept current. 
• Communicates to all project team members permissions issues, content problems, or inconsistencies that could impact project schedule and/or budget. Summarizes and communicates key decisions and ideas to other team members. 
• Adheres to standardized and approved purchasing practices and processes for all projects; monitors spending, and reviews and approves all invoices. 
• Continually monitors vendor performance by completing vendor evaluation reports in a timely manner. 
• Ensures on-time delivery of all required project deliverables to the archive. 
• Uses solid decision-making, communication, and problem-solving skills to ensure successful, efficient, and economical results on each project. 
• Performs all additional duties as assigned. 

• Supports company and department goals, vision, and operating principles among colleagues. 
• Demonstrate leadership in all aspects of project management and in working relationships within and across departments. 
• Assists and advises department leadership in determining best practices; takes the lead in offering solutions to problems. 
• Maintains flexibility in problem solving as changes or issues arise from project teams, authors, compositors, or other team members. 
• Technology aptitude, which may include but is not limited to experience with XML-based tools or technologies used for print and digital production, archiving, or content reuse to facilitate new technology implementation or electronic workflows or HTML 
• Strong project management and organizational skills; the ability to successfully manage multiple projects and prioritize multiple tasks 
• Effective problem-solving and critical-thinking skills; the ability to identify, analyze, avoid, or resolve issues in a methodical, timely, and efficient manner while understanding the implications and expected outcomes 
• High level of initiative and innovation; ability to identify, propose, and support process improvements using critical thinking 
• Ability to embrace, assimilate, and implement new processes, procedures, and standards in an environment of continuous improvement and change 
• Ability to collaborate and work effectively and efficiently in a team environment and across functional areas to achieve desired outcomes 
• Ability to work independently with a strong emphasis on attention to detail and a solid understanding of how and when to escalate issues appropriately 
• Ability to closely monitor and manage project spending carefully with an eye toward cost reductions 
• Excellent computer skills, including word processing and spreadsheet skills, preferably with Microsoft Office; knowledge of Adobe Acrobat PDF editing and Internet fluency 
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills with the ability to interpret and translate information to team members and report effectively to management when necessary 

• Two or more years of experience in print and/or digital production, which may include but is not limited to project management, scheduling, copyediting, proofreading, composition, prepress, design, or permissions 

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