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Finding the perfect employee is about more than a résumé search. It’s about the right fit from top to bottom. The ideal candidate needs to engage in company culture and bring something new to the table. As one of the leading creative staffing agencies in San Francisco, those are the kind of intrinsic qualities Vitamin T specializes in sourcing.

We can discover, identify, and tap into the “magic” that makes for an outstanding digital talent. When you need the right project manager, digital designer, website developer, or copywriter, start your search with us.

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Talent from the World’s Creative Capital

Our motto, “People make the difference,” stems from a simple truth: without the right people, a company won’t perform at its best. For years digital brands have tried to get by with hires who don’t quite fit the bill. Don’t try to force a square peg into a round hole. Trust one of the best recruiting firms in San Francisco to find the right fit the first time.

We have the largest pool of creative talent in San Francisco. We are at the center of one of the country’s—if not the world’s—most energetic centers for creative thinking and technology. Vitamin T represent thousands of talent who can deliver on your highest professional expectations. We have the tools and experience to tap into this incredible resource. Request talent today, and you’ll see why we’re the leading creative recruiting agency in San Francisco.

How Vitamin T Masters the Talent Search

At Vitamin T, our process isn’t simply skimming a list of qualified candidates. We combine our exhaustive talent database with something even more powerful: a human assessment. Our team consists of recruiters and business development staff who are passionate about creatives and the creative hiring process. They pursue candidates with an unmatched intensity and attention to detail. Here’s how we ensure the right fit and quality every time:

  • Our creative recruiters are people who truly know the creative industry. They work alongside industry experts to thoroughly vet candidates.
  • Before we submit candidates to our clients, we conduct in-person interviews, technical assessments, reference checks, and much more to ensure top talent are ready, willing, and able to help your business.
  • We don’t win Client Best in Staffing awards for nothing—our talent are the cream of the crop, consistently performing at the top of their game. We invest heavily in our talent with a first-class benefit plan and free online training, so we can always retain the best of the best.
  • UX/UI experts, graphic designers, world-class developers—you name it; Vitamin T can deliver. Our proven recruiting process cuts through the white noise and gets straight to the heart of the matter: providing great talent for amazing companies. We have the data, methods, and expert knowledge you need to find the best person for your company, period.

What Sets Us Apart?

Vitamin T is a premier staffing partner for the top companies in San Francisco. We believe you shouldn’t be doing so much work to find the right fit. That’s why our team does the hard stuff for you, so that you can focus on other aspects of your business while we take care of this key element for your company’s success.

With a rigorous assessment process, continuing education and training for our talent, and periodic talent check-ins, we make sure the people we represent exceed your expectations. In fact, we’re so confident in our abilities as a top San Francisco staffing agency that we boldly offer a 110% money-back guarantee. We put our 30-plus years in the industry to good use each and every day. See for yourself—fill out our Request Talent form and open the doors to the city’s best.

Why Clients Love Us


Thanks for the great service and top notch talent.  I am particularly impressed with the wide range of specialty talent that you offer.  I have used your agency for copywriting, visual design, and user experience talent.  The skills, attitude, and professionalism has always been excellent.  Also, I am very busy, so thanks for making it easy.

Robert Williams UX Director, Pennwell Publishing Company

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The digital world is such a rapidly evolving landscape, it’s honestly hard to keep up. Not to worry. Our staff and our technical experts (each with 10+ years of professional experience in their fields) makes sure that every talent who walks through our door is expert enough to walk through yours. Guaranteed.