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Vitamin T represents some of the top freelance copywriters, graphic designers, and web designers in Los Angeles. Talented artists who are ready, willing and able to deliver marketing that drives results.

While you may not need a full-time graphic designer or copywriter, you want a freelance resource that can hit it out of the park on Day One. But unless you have an ‘A-list’ of your own on stand by, you might not have the time to make the right choice for your project or team.

That’s where Vitamin T comes in.

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Vitamin T has the largest network of freelance graphic designers, freelance web designers, and freelance copywriters in Los Angeles, each one thoroughly vetted to the highest of standards.

Our talent are tested for proficiencies in their respective disciplines and have proven their competencies time and again with some of the top agencies and employers in Los Angeles. These are the real rockstars of digital and talent you can count on to deliver, every time.

You can be assured that every talent we present to you is done with careful consideration on our part.

  • First, we take the time to get to know you, to find out not only what the job entails, but what your company represents: your culture, your values, your goals and expectations.
  • Then, we help define the profile of the perfect candidate including both skills and cultural fit.
  • From there we provide you with a custom talent pool including qualified candidates in one easy-to-use dashboard saving you time, money, and a whole lot of stress.


Greatness at Your Fingertips

Why wade through hundreds of resumes and portfolios when you can go straight to a trusted source, someone who gets you and your company, who understands exactly what you need and can deliver the goods when it really matters? This may not sound like your average recruiting experience, but Vitamin T is not your average recruiting firm.

There are thousands of freelance graphic designers in Los Angeles, but finding the right one for your brand or client’s brand – therein lies the challenge. Trust Vitamin T to find you the best person for the job.

Copywriters are plentiful too, but the most talented ones are so in demand you’ll never find them looking for work. At Vitamin T, we know good copywriting when we see it. While many of our copywriters are veteran scribes, we also nurture up-and-coming talent, giving you access to hot new writers you may not otherwise meet.

Freelance web designers are a breed unto themselves. They are passionate about UI/UX, and they work tirelessly to deliver innovation through design and functionality. If you are looking for a dynamic freelance web designer in Los Angeles, Vitamin T has what you need. Once we understand exactly what you’re looking for, we go deep to find the best match of skills, agility and right work ethic to get the job done.

If you’re looking for talented freelancers in Los Angeles, look no further. It’s easy to get started: fill out our Request Talent form and let’s get to work!

Why Clients Love Us


Thanks for the great service and top notch talent.  I am particularly impressed with the wide range of specialty talent that you offer.  I have used your agency for copywriting, visual design, and user experience talent.  The skills, attitude, and professionalism has always been excellent.  Also, I am very busy, so thanks for making it easy.

Robert Williams UX Director, Pennwell Publishing Company

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The digital world is such a rapidly evolving landscape, it’s honestly hard to keep up. Not to worry. Our staff and our technical experts (each with 10+ years of professional experience in their fields) makes sure that every talent who walks through our door is expert enough to walk through yours. Guaranteed.