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Creative staffing is a niche apart from any other type of recruiting. Digital creatives are everywhere, but finding the right designer, front end developer, copywriter, or project manager that fits your company culture is an art form unto itself.

Vitamin T is located in Los Angeles, California, the world’s center of creative production. And absolutely the best place to find awesome digital talent.

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The City’s Best Talent

Our candidates include world-class developers, UX/UI designers, graphic designers and more, and we are proud to represent some of the top talent in the industry. Thoroughly vetted and quality assured with a money-back guarantee, we have the largest database of digital creatives in Los Angeles, and we’re not just blowing our own horn.

Whether you are looking for a front-end developer who is ready to disrupt, or searching for a brand manager who can deliver your product onto the world stage, we’ve got the goods.

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How We Can Help

At Vitamin T, we waste no time getting right to the heart of the matter: your unique needs. Your company, culture, your teams, the people you serve, these are the very bones of who you are. Once we understand what makes you tick, we match you with the right talent. Matches you can count on for quality and fit, every time.

So let’s get to know each other better. It’s going to be the start of a beautiful friendship.

  • Our recruiting process involves much more than a database search and handing over a list of potential candidates. We have a proven process. Our creative recruiters know the industry intimately, and have an unmatched vetting process that includes face-to-face interviews and technical assessments by an industry expert.
  • We know it’s not just about filling a position. It’s about fueling your business. Make no mistake, we’re not a fly by night creative staffing agency – with 30+ years in this industry, we’re in it for the long-haul.


Who We Are

Vitamin T is a premier creative talent recruiter in Los Angeles. As a creative hub, we have a huge population of incredible talent to draw from, both new and established.

Despite having all this at our fingertips, we know how hard it can be to find the right fit at the right time. There are many qualified people out there, but the landscape is competitive.

We know how busy you are. You barely have time to sleep, much less sift through stacks of resumes – all intriguing in their own right, we’re sure – but how can you really be sure of what you’re getting? It’s a veritable minefield, enough to make you lose that last nerve.

That’s where Vitamin T comes in.

Each potential candidate goes through a rigorous vetting process to ensure their skills, reliability and track record with former employers. We work with some of the industry’s top freelancers on an ongoing basis, so we know what they are capable of and who might be poised to produce a hit. Once we know what you’re looking for, we match you with candidates that make the cut. Every step of the way, it’s all about you, and we go out of our way to make sure you feel it too.

Above all, we are not afraid to commit to our 110% money back guarantee. Because we know you’re going to want what we’ve got.

Get started today: fill out our Request Talent form and let’s see where we can take this.

Remarkable Digital Talent Live Here

Los Angeles is a mecca for the brightest and the best, this we know. On every corner in every neighborhood there is talent, waiting to shine. So, where does creative digital talent go when they are looking for work? And where do employers go when they’re looking for the best talent?

The answer to both questions is the same: Vitamin T, one of the leading creative staffing agencies in Los Angeles, CA.

Why Vitamin T?

As staffing agencies in Los Angeles go, we are the go-to source for the most sought-after digital creatives in the industry. With a roster that includes digital artists, graphic designers, developers, UI/UX architects and more, we have the answer to your creative needs, and then some.

It’s all about the match. Many of our recruiters have professional backgrounds in the creative industry: they know the top agency talent - who is worth waiting for and who's poised to be picked up by a competitor. Having the inside track gives you the edge to get the right talent and the right time, guaranteeing that your next hire will be a perfect fit.

Why Clients Love Us


Thanks for the great service and top notch talent.  I am particularly impressed with the wide range of specialty talent that you offer.  I have used your agency for copywriting, visual design, and user experience talent.  The skills, attitude, and professionalism has always been excellent.  Also, I am very busy, so thanks for making it easy.

Robert Williams UX Director, Pennwell Publishing Company

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The digital world is such a rapidly evolving landscape, it’s honestly hard to keep up. Not to worry. Our staff and our technical experts (each with 10+ years of professional experience in their fields) makes sure that every talent who walks through our door is expert enough to walk through yours. Guaranteed.