Starter Upper!

So you’re ready to start a startup, but you only have two minutes to spare? Well you’re in luck, because that’s all it takes! Since most startups are simple combinations of a couple core attributes (mobile + game mechanics + geo-location = Foursquare), you can create a business plan and even a catchy* name in mere seconds. Give it a whirl below, and be sure to save us some swag at SXSW.

*Degree of catchiness not guaranteed.

Drag two or three attributes from the list on the top into the circles below to reveal your ultimate game-changing startup.

    Nice one. You just created

    Starter Upper Name

    the go-to app for cloud fashion photography, and in less time than it takes to order a latte. And while the appeal of such a product might be rather narrow, at least the URL will probably be available.

    And once you’re ready to build something there, don’t forget to contact Vitamin T for access to the world’s most creative talent, including those specializing in rebranding. (Hey, it’s never too soon.)

    Congrats, you’ve just created

    Starter Upper Name

    We doubt they’ll be interested in sharing the name though, so maybe you’d like to start , the newest mobile geo-location game mechanics app out there, or if you're looking for truly uncharted territory, give the Starter Upper another go.

    And when you’re ready to staff up and build this thing, give us a call and we’ll supply all the world class creative talent you’ll need. And please remember us when IPO day comes around.