Let’s Be Clear. Crystal Clear.

We compile intel from every stage of a talent’s screening process and put into an online Candidate Profile for you to access any time you need.

Here are all the ways we gather information about talent to help make perfect matches:

  • Business Interviews: Structured behavioral interviews are done in person by our recruiting staff to understand a candidate’s soft skillsspecifically the six soft skills that our clients associate with creative freelancer success: communication, problem-solving, teamwork, accountability, quality-orientation, and self-direction.

  • Independent Technical Skill Assessments: The best way to assess technical skills is to discuss a candidate’s previous projects—to see how they were created and decisions made along the way. We engage working professionals to conduct code and portfolio reviews and produce expert write ups on our talent.

  • Coding Challenges: Our coding challenges are designed by working professionals who have devised real-world scenarios that test applied skills in a deadline-driven test environment. Additionally, we rely on client research and business analysis to uncover the specific skills that require assessment, so our challenges remain current, relevant, and responsive to the needs of the market.

  • Design Assessments: Our hands-on design assessments evaluate technical skills of designers using the latest tools and technologies. Each assessment is based on a real-life client project. Candidates are required to complete a series of design and production tasks to produce a final product within a set timeframe.

  • Reference Checks: We utilize a third party partner, Chequed.com, to ensure that our reference process is as unbiased as possible. The thorough Chequed system uses behavioral science and the latest assessment technology to get deep into a candidate’s psyche and provide insights to potential employers.