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Be a leader in benefits equality.
Level the playing field for all workers.

The contingent workforce is here to stay. It allows companies to move faster, be more agile, and remain competitive.

In many companies, up to 50% of workers are contingent. They’re team members with full-time employees, but often treated very differently when it comes to benefits—and it’s causing friction. Lawmakers have taken notice. Employees are speaking up.

Companies can’t fix benefits inequality without converting all workers to conventional employees, losing the advantages of a flexible, extended workforce. They need a partner.

Vitamin T Square Deal is the solution to a complex challenge.

Now, Vitamin T can provide your extended workforce with equal benefits to help you attract and retain the best talent. Square Deal offers a combination of benefits customization, benefits experience, extended workforce vendor management, technology systems, and legal frameworks—and it can scale seamlessly to your entire workforce.

Vitamin T Square Deal Ecosystem

Benefits Customization

Benefits Design
  • Policies and eligibility designed for variable work—full- and part-time, long- and short-term engagements.
  • Coverage quality on par with benefits for regular employees.
Benefits Customization and Innovation
  • Fully customizable options with no limit to what benefits can be offered.
  • Update annually as needed.
Insurance Underwriting
  • Insurance policies specifically for the hard-to-insure extended workforce.
  • Competitive bidding for highest-quality benefits, best rates.

Technology Systems

Proprietary Back-Office Platform
  • Manages all benefits functions for your extended workforce—eligibility, elections, timecards, payroll, and invoicing.
  • Integration with benefits vendors for seamless data flows.
Front-Office Benefits Systems for Extended Workforce
  • Onboarding system, enrollment platform, MyAquent Talent, benefits vendor websites.
  • Individualized content and experiences that reflect customized packages.

Benefits Experience

Benefits Administration
  • Extended workforce supported throughout engagements for a seamless experience.
  • Team of benefits experts knowledgeable about custom benefits packages.
Continual Satisfaction Monitoring
  • Frequent feedback sought from clients and workers.
  • Opportunities to optimize offerings based on feedback.

Legal and Compliance

Legal Frameworks
  • Frameworks allow custom benefits to be provided based on client engagement.
  • Responsive to evolving federal, state, and local laws.
Compliance Management
  • Compliance testing, internal audits, required reporting, and issuing legal notices.

Extended Workforce Vendor Management

Recruiter Expansion, Vendor Consolidation
  • Equalize contingent talent benefits across your entire workforce through integration with Scout Recruitment Marketplace.
  • Works whether you use 5 or 5,000 staffing vendors.
  • Contracts, invoicing, and payment consolidation.
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