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Recruitment Marketplace

One platform. Thousands of great recruiters.

No need to search high and low. Aquent Scout is a recruitment marketplace that matches you to the best recruiters for your open roles. 

  • Get access to top recruiters across multiple job categories
  • Find the right permanent and contingent candidates faster
  • Manage the process in one place—with one point of contact


How working with us works.

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Post a job

Share your job details, so recruiters know exactly what you’re looking for.

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Get matched to the right recruiters

It’s like magic. Scout uses AI and machine learning to match your job to specialized recruiters who’ve had the most success filling similar positions.

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See how they rate

Go right to the go-to recruiters. Scout rates recruiters by their track records and how likely they are to deliver you successful candidates. So you find the right candidate—fast.

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Fill your job fast

We mean really fast. Get better, more qualified candidates from the best, most qualified recruiters. With Scout, your time-to-fill could drop by as much as 40%.

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Streamline everything

Handle it all, all in one place. Everything from submission to hiring happens within Scout, so all contracts, invoices, and records for compliance are right there.

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Stay on track

Keep tabs on your bottom line, programs, and progress. Scout makes it easy by tracking and organizing hiring costs and data.

Why Scout?

Reach the best recruiters

Get the all-stars on your side. Work with the best recruiters in a job category and market to find the very best people. A powerful network of thousands of specialist recruiters makes it possible.

See recruiter ratings

Know who’s who. Scout rates individual recruiters, not supplier companies. This helps us intelligently match recruiters to open roles, making your talent search that much more successful.

Cut time to hire

The right candidates, right away. Our vast marketplace of proven, specialized recruiters can help slash average time-to-hire up to 40%.

Advance candidate diversity

Bigger pool, better candidates. Get access to a much broader, more diverse shortlist of candidates by working with multiple recruiters nationwide.

Manage it all with ease

One and done. Streamline all your temporary staffing and permanent search firm relationships in one place—with one contract, one invoice, and one process.

Integrate with tools you already use

Scout seamlessly integrates into the most popular Applicant Tracking Tools, so there’s no need to change your workflow or add any new software or infrastructure.

Client Testimonials

Engagement from the team is exceptional. They are constantly striving to make the marketplace better for the clients, recruiters, and candidates.
We absolutely appreciate the value your platform creates for us. Thank you.
Now that [we] have the right platform in place, Scout is helping us get the best talent according to our terms.
Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition LIDL

Client Stories

Recruiting that helps Northern Trust stay on top.

Services used: Recruitment Marketplace

Northern Trust knows how to handle complex financial investments and transactions. But what they love about Scout is its thousands of recruiters on one platform, with one invoice, which makes recruitment across every department super simple.

Northern Trust primary square image Northern Trust tall image

Helping Fannie Mae reach more talent to power more opportunity.

Services used: Recruitment Marketplace

Diversity is key for Fannie Mae, as they create opportunities for more people to buy, refinance, or rent homes. It’s also key for Scout, whose thousands of recruiters help Fannie Mae reach a bigger pool of IT candidates to meet their diversity goals.

Fannie Mae primary square image Fannie Mae tall image

Serving up a better recruiting solution for NCR.

Services used: Recruitment Marketplace

NCR is the world’s enterprise technology leader for restaurants, retailers, and banks—so their products and services are everywhere. The Scout recruitment marketplace has helped them save $500K+ by streamlining and strengthening how they recruit.

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