They read the newspaper every morning with a cup of coffee in one hand and a red pen in the other. Typos are their nemeses. Design projects need these super word avengers to clean up every errant comma, misused colon, and dangling participle in town. A proofreader's bionic eye knows no bounds: web pages, printouts, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations... whatever creative collateral comes their way, consider it handled!

Skills & Deliverables

  • Knowledge of proofreading marks and ability to create concise electronic mark-ups either in Adobe Acrobat Pro, RealTimeProof, or other similar software
  • Ability to follow internal branding and style guidelines to the letter
  • Extensive understanding of Chicago Manual of Style and/or Associated Press style guidelines (plus AMA style guidelines, if needed)
  • Experience proofreading for document layout (widows, fonts, spacing)
  • Professional copy editing and proofreading experience