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Jen Sanford

Long time devotee of all things creative, Jen understands nothing beats taking a raw idea and turning it into a great creative piece. She considers herself incredibly lucky to match Vitamin T’s top talent with the amazing companies that bring those ideas to life.

We consider ourselves lucky to have her doing just that!

We asked her 11 Quick Questions to find out what advice she has for digital creatives, what keeps her inspired, and important stuff like her favorite app.

  1. App that you can't live without? Downcast. It lets you download and listen to podcasts without syncing with iTunes.
  2. iPhone or Android or Blackberry? iPhone
  3. Who rocks your world on Twitter? @iamstevemartin
  4. Favorite site? Mashable
  5. Inspirational Digital Hero? Jared Spool from User Interface Engineering
  6. Stranded-on-an-island DVD? Men Who Stare at Goats
  7. Most important advice for creative resumes? Keep it simple.
  8. Favorite place to eat in town? Solas
  9. Jobs trending in your area? UI Designers / UX Designers
  10. Favorite ad campaign? Deutsch's current VW campaign
  11. Parting piece of advice for interviewing? Be prepared, be confident, and be yourself.  Start by doing some research on the role, the company, and the people you'll be meeting. During the interview, be sure to make eye contact and be confident about yourself and your abilities—and don't' be afraid to let your professional personality show through!

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