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Yes! Best of Staffing Diamond Award Winner

Image of two Best of Staffing diamond awards. One for Talent Satisfaction, one for Client Satisfaction.

Bling bling! That’s the sound of two ClearlyRated Best of Staffing Diamond Awards dropping. Why? Not just because the diamond awards are extra sparkly—it means that we won a Best of Staffing award five consecutive times! (To be perfectly transparent, we’ve received a Best of Staffing on the Client side for eight years running and a Best of Staffing on the Talent side for nine years running.) 

We share these two amazing awards with all of the superstar talent who work with us and the fantastic organizations that allow them to shine!

Check out what the heck the award is exactly—and how we’ve worked to make sure to keep those carats coming!

What’s the Award Based On?

The Best of Staffing Awards are based on a company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS). In case you’re not familiar, the NPS is a way to measure customer experience and predict business growth. It’s a scorecard for companies and brands who want to bring the best experience possible to their customers and staff.  It’s really one simple question: “On a scale from 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend this brand to a friend?” A customer who rates a company or brand a nine or a ten is considered a promoter. If someone rates them six or below, they are obviously unhappy with the service and are considered detractors. The NPS is the difference between the percentage of promoters and the percentage of detractors. Bain & Company really brings the NPS alive with their illustration:


And How Did We Do?

This year, Vitamin T received an NPS of 76.4% from our clients. For comparison, the industry average is 28%. And with our talent, we scored a 74.4%, which blew away the industry average of 18%. 

So, What Did People Say About Us? 

We don’t like to toot our own horn—but it is pretty satisfying when others do it for us. (Don’t you agree?) Our clients and talent raved about our customer service, and it remains the top-mentioned reason for satisfaction. And both sides agreed that talent is consistently matched with positions that are right for their skills at a place where the culture fit is strong.


How We’ll Keep Innovating

It’s an incredible feeling for our team to win these awards, primarily because it lets all of us know we’re providing great partnerships with the people we represent and the clients we serve. We’ve made mistakes, sure, but we’ve listened and brainstormed how to raise the bar on our customer experience. Even in a year as crazy as 2020, we launched the following programs:


Work With Us and See What You Think!

We are always on the hunt for amazing new talent and clients in need of a partner to help them reach their goals. We promise this has not been a sales pitch, but if you’re looking for a new opportunity or creative, marketing, and development pros who wanted to work with the best, contact us and let us show you why we keep winning diamonds!

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