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Why You Shouldn’t Lie on Your Resume

Source: Tristan Schmurr

Here’s an infamous list you don’t want to be a part of:

  • CEO of Yahoo Scott Thompson
  • President of the US Olympic Committee Sandra Baldwin
  • CFO of Veritas Software Corp. Kenneth Lonchar
  • Notre Dame football coach George O’Leary

Each one falsified information on their resume and as a result was very publicly fired from their very high profile position.

Even though economist Steven D. Levitt cited research in his book Freakonomics that more than 50% of people bend, warp, or otherwise twist the truth on their resumes, if you get caught doing so, it’s not going to be pretty.

Did we say “if”? Sorry.

Check out this post from the Ladders to see some startling statistics on why you should never lie on your resume. One is that “ninety-six percent of human resources professionals reported that their organization conducts some form of background check on every employee.”

The takeaway: don’t risk it, even for a position you’re dying to get. It’ll feel that much worse when you have to leave it.

We’re huge fans of the old adage,  “Whenever you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember what you said.”

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