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Why Working for an In-house Team Rocks!

Source: medialabamsterdam

We’re excited to be a part of the Fresh Awards this year, and even more excited to be on the judging panel for the ‘In-House Design team’ award.

As a part of our involvement, Academy Class let us sum up some of their great content to help the world know exactly how amazing homegrown design teams can be!

Working in-house is wholly different from working at an agency. For one, in-house design teams often focus on one product or product range and don’t deal with varying client work that may change year over year, or even day to day.

Unfortunately, the common opinion has become that in-house design teams are under-
resourced, under-appreciated and overworked.

But opinions are changing! Thanks to companies such as Facebook, Google and Specsavers,the creative world is starting to understand the value of having an inside agency-level team turning out amazing creative work without going to an outside resource (or paying one) to get it.

The Advantages Of Finding Your Place As An In-house Designer:

1. The ability to develop a more focused specialization.

Working with the same company every day helps in-house designers understand all ins and outs of a particular company and industry very well. For example, if you work for a book publishing company, you’d be specializing in book design and excel at creating page spreads, layouts, covers and typography.

2. The ability to watch the product grow and help maintain it.

In-house designers spend a great deal of time focusing on a particular product. For example, if you are doing packaging design, you are helping to sell a product and make it more attractive and appealing to customers. In-house designers follow a product’s growth and see how it ties in with the brand values over the time. The fulltime structure allows long term thinking about the company and product. It gives the ability to come up with the insights that external design teams might not be able to think of.

3. The chance to mould the product into something better and bring positive change through design.

In-house designers work intimately with the company, get to know the product very well and develop an emotional connection with what they do. They have the ability to become familiar with all products and mentality of the company. In-house designers can always speak with people from other departments to gain a proper understanding of what it is they are working on. It helps to have a more holistic and unified approach to the company’s design. By knowing the products inside out, in-house designers can evolve it in the ways that the external agency wouldn’t be able without in-depth knowledge and understanding.

4. The possibility to engage in your dream industry.

In-house designers can work for an industry they have an emotional connection with. For example, if you have a passion for fashion, you can work for a fashion label and be in the centre of events every day: get to see all the latest trends, be up to date with the industry novelties, network and get to know interesting people and be entrenched with the industry you love.

There are only a few days left to enter, so for more information about the awards, and how to showcase the work your in-house design team are doing for FREE, visit the Fresh Awards site.

We also think you should find out more about Academy Class and their work on improving the quality of content output by creatives. They’re great!

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