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Why Do Creatives Start Collections?

Source: dalbera

Our London office—always the hotbed of intellectual debates—tackles the subject of collecting for creatives in this post.


We’re not just talking stamps or comics. There are a million different things one can collect, from books and pottery to motorcycles and cars.

And there are hundreds of examples of famous collectors who are creative in their lives, whether it be in film, music, art, or design.

Tom Hanks collects vintage typewriters, Quentin Tarantino collects board games, and Johnny Depp collects vintage Barbie and Ken dolls!

And this is no recent trend, Joan Miró collected traditional clay whistles from Mallorca, Spain and Vladimir Nabokov was a passionate collector of butterflies.

So what is it about a collection that appeals to creatives?

An article in Psychology Today pointed out that collecting often goes hand-in-hand with a passion for knowledge; certainly something every creative has.

They also showed how the collection itself can also be a source of inspiration.

Here’s the process of collecting that Psychology Today observed:

  • Selecting
  • Observing
  • Spotting patterns
  • Finding similar objects
  • Displaying in an aesthetically pleasing manner

Sound familiar?

These are all things that creative people naturally do and (we hope) enjoy doing. So maybe it’s not such a surprise to find a link between the two.

So what say you, do you have a collection of something near and dear to your creative heart?

Old advertisements? Lenticulars? Vintage postcards?

Or has Pinterest turned your collector's heart digital?

Weigh in and let us know!

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