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Which industries pay freelance writers the most?


Looking to see which freelance writing gigs pay the most? As we wrote earlier, insurance agencies are paying the most for their top writing talent. After that, healthcare, telecom, and ad agencies are among the top payers.

Intrigued? While it’s good to know which industries are more likely to spend top dollar on copywriting, we thought we’d give you some insight into what these clients are looking for in copywriters…in case you’re interested in money.

Here are a few key insights to help you maximize the return on your copywriting job search, literally:

  • Healthcare clients’ needs vary depending on whether their focus is B2B or B2C. B2B clients seek writers who can succinctly articulate the value of very technical offerings, while B2C clients want writers with experience marketing lifestyles and other intangibles. Often the products and services these clients sell are highly complex and multi-faceted. Copywriters who can turn complicated data into engaging copy are highly valued by healthcare firms. Moreover, copywriters who have experience in highly regulated industries are desirable to pharmaceutical, medical device, and medical care clients. Sound like you? Then contact us to get your resume and samples over to some healthcare clients pronto!
  • Telecom clients nearly always want their content writers to come from a corporate background. Experience writing for major brands in an informational style is preferred. They’re also more apt to hire more experienced writers with strong project management skills. Additionally, experience with content management systems like Sharepoint, Drupal, and WordPress - and some HTML experience - are often a plus in the telecom space, since this industry is helping to create next-generation technology. If your inner geek just perked up and you’ve got the background to bring that geek to the workplace, maybe telecom is right for you!
  • Ad agencies are a different animal. Digital creative talent is central to their business. Always in a hurry, and always under the gun, they’re looking for exceptional, versatile talent who can jump right in and quickly impress their clients. Ad agencies are often looking for marketing-driven copywriters with very specific industry experience, based on their clientele. For example, if they have a life sciences client, they’re often looking to supplement their staff with a life science writer. In addition, ad agency copywriters often need excellent verbal communication skills, as they can be called on to participate in, or even lead, client pitches. Creative thinking and exceptional client skills will make YOU right for this audience.

Looking for new copywriting projects in these markets? Connect with a Vitamin T agent today.

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