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Which copywriters earn the most?


Looking to see which freelance writing gigs are paying the most?

Insurance agencies stand out as paying the most for their top writing talent. Why do these writing assignments garner such high pay? And what are insurance companies looking for in their freelance copywriters? Here are a few quick tips:

What’s driving the need for copywriters in the insurance industry?

  • With all the mergers & acquisitions in the industry, insurance companies need freelance writers to help rework a wide range of collateral materials so they comply with the acquiring brand’s guidelines.
  • Insurance industry clients generate tons of content, and are some of the heaviest users of print and online forms, which require frequent updates.
  • Recent legislative changes—and differences in the way insurance companies can market their services in various states—are making the industry exponentially more complex.

What do insurance firms look for in freelance copywriters? They seek writers who are:

  • Extremely thorough and detail oriented
  • Skilled at writing for both a technical audience of insurance brokers as well as a consumer audience
  • Adept at writing long form copy
  • Strong in both print and online content generation

Must you have experience in the insurance industry to write for them? Actually, no.  It’s a plus but often not required. Insurance firms like writers with experience in financial services experience or in other large conservative businesses.

Think you’d be a great fit as an insurance copywriter? Connect with a Vitamin T agent today.

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