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What You Need to Know From 322 Top Creative and Marketing Leaders

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Given the current global circumstances, are you wondering what’s on the minds of marketing leaders at some of the world’s highest growth companies? We were, too. So, we teamed up with global research firm Econsultancy and talked to 322 top creative and marketing execs at companies with $250M+ in annual revenue to find out.

All of the insights, findings, and their wisdom can be found in our latest report, The Cheat Code for Growth, which you can download right here. Check out a few highlights from the report: 

Always on and highly engaged

The ongoing global pandemic has changed life as we know it. Our evolving digital-first world went warp speed as businesses tried to adjust, first to a nationwide shutdown, and then to a “new normal” as we slowly began to emerge from social hibernation. Although 71% of organizations we talked to were already in the midst of major digital transformation last year, this is a whole new ball game. The customers themselves are driving today’s change.


Companies have to adjust their customer journeys to reflect what’s happening in the world and reconfigure their multi-channel strategy so that digital is at the core. And the ones that truly transform digitally create highly engaged customers. This means they’re more likely to refer friends, try a new product, or choose a brand regardless of price. 

Talent is king

When you’re trying to evolve your customer experience practically overnight like many businesses were forced to do when COVID hit, what do our leaders say is the most important? Overwhelmingly, it’s people. In fact, 85% say that having the right talent in place has “a direct impact on the ability to achieve a transformation strategy.”


Whether it’s due to layoffs, company downsizing, needing to be around for our homebound kids, or just rethinking what we want in life, the talent pool has gotten a lot bigger, and visionary leaders can make the most of it.

Of course, there’s more to the growth story than hiring. Find out what else our creative and marketing execs include in their top 5 biggest challenges.

Can’t-live-without-them roles

Ok, so people matter. Are there any roles in particular that are especially important for retaining all these uber-connected customers? Not surprisingly, 95% of those surveyed say that customer experience roles are critical to growth, followed closely by UX and brand marketing.

Interestingly, we discovered that for many of the companies we talked to they see the customer experience as their brand. The two are synonymous.


Don’t miss how their roles stack up on the strategic vs. tactical front and why it matters.

The best carrot to dangle

What did these experts say about attracting and retaining the greats? The biggie is culture, and it’s been that way for a while. Yet with everything happening today, from the virus to police brutality to racial unrest to wildfires, more than ever, people want to work somewhere that aligns with who they are, what they believe in, and how they want to work. And we know that creatives especially like to feel connected.

Companies with positive cultural attributes are 10x more likely to fill open roles. Find out the top four things our leaders believe contribute to a positive culture.

Are you downloading yet?

Get the inside scoop on these highlights and so much more in The Cheat Code for Growth report. We hope you learn from these 322 brilliant minds and put their know-how to work at your own organization.

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