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What Makes an Award Winning Agency?

At a recent Glug event in London, we interviewed Simon Manchipp, Founder, Co-Owner and Executive Strategic Creative Director of SomeOne.

Someone was this year voted the most respected design company in the UK, they have won countless awards for their amazing creative work, and Simon himself has been nominated by the Drum to be in the top 100 ‘Designerati’ alongside design giants such as Sir Jonathan Ive from Apple, Sir James Dyson and Neville Brody!

How have Someone done it? What’s their secret?

In this interview Simon talks to us about:

  • Why big brands bought into them as an agency
  • What has made Someone succeed in a time when so many other agencies have floundered
  • How they gained recognition in the design industry
  • The Olympics and their other projects that they are most proud of
  • What motivates him in his career
  • How they keep their staff turnover so low

Design insights, directly from Simon in this video include:

“If you look at a large majority of the design community, everyone's kind of quiet and considerate and careful, and they do things in their own little way. Everyone seems to be quite terrified to say something that’s opinionated. But we recognised quite early on that we are only hired for our opinions. People want to work with David Law over working with someone else, because David’s got a more interesting point of view. So I think we got recognition because we are opinionated.

I think all the stuff we have done, has come from being unafraid to try new things, have an opinion and have a go. And really work hard at it and craft the crap out of it”

Watch the video for all Simon’s tips and insights!

Are winning awards part of your new business strategy or are they a great side-effect of concentrating on the work? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section!

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