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What Does a UX Designer Do Again?


In the ever-evolving landscape of UX design, it’s not surprising that many people are still asking this question.

Not that we haven’t tried our best to help out.

We’ve outlined What are the Most Common UX Roles. Explained The secrets of UX and UI roles. Told people How to Hire a UX Designer. Created a whitepaper when someone screamed, “Help! I Need to Hire a User Experience Designer!” Heck, we even brought in Jerry Seinfeld to explain a little bit about it. (Sorta.)

But if you’ve still got questions, we’ll get answers!

Which is why we wanted to pass along this great blog post from The Next Web.

Writer Alex Palmer begins his post with a simple, but powerful metaphor. “When you walk into an empty room, you can instantly imagine what purpose it will serve....In software, ‘the room’ a user enters is never empty. Every software product has a user-facing side that was built for people to interact with. That interaction becomes an experience they go through when they use the product. It’s the UX designer’s job to make that experience a great one.”

From there he gives three insightful points on what makes great UX:


“Good user experience doesn’t have to be memorable, but it does have to make you feel something. Ideally, it should make you feel like getting a product to solve your problem was easy. Effortless, even.”


“The UX Designer has to anticipate user behavior when they interact with a product, and how that interaction fits into their goals.”


“People hire products for some job-to-be-done, and it’s the UX Designer’s job to bridge the gap between technology and humanity.”

As we said, it’s a great read and also perfect if you’ve been desperately trying to explain UX to someone who works outside the digital industry.

It is also a handy place to find wireframing resources, case studies, and even a guide on how to get started in UX design.

Read it and tell us what you think!

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