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What Ballerinas Have in Common with Digital Creatives

People who dance ballet share a core belief with those of us in the digital realm: your audience (users) should never be aware of the painstaking hours behind the final product. In other words, make it look easy.

Just as most users never want open up the hood to look at the code, hardly anyone wants to see the sweat on a ballerina’s brow while she’s performing fouettés.

Our brains are conditioned to immediately receive and accept when something works seamlessly: a great song, beautiful visual, or  choreographed dance. On the other hand, when the song is out of tune, the choreography lacks synchronicity, or an image is broken on the web page, the joyride stops.

This super slow motion video, with members of the Staatsballett Berlin performing jumps, lifts, and turns captured at 1000 frames per second, really makes you appreciate how someone can make the unbelievably difficult seem flawlessly simple.

It’s set to a Radiohead remix, which definitely adds interest!

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