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What are the Most Common UX Roles?

Source: Martin Pettitt

UX job titles can be perplexing, even to folks in their own industry. And most especially to companies trying to write up job descriptions. (If you have a moment for a bit of fun, check out Aaron Weyenberg’s UX Job Title Generator.)

Even though we’ve outlined UX roles in blog posts before, we thought providing a handy job title cheat sheet from our recent whitepaper, “Help! I Need to Hire a User Experience Designer!” might be a little more helpful if you’re in a pinch. Say, if you’re on Jeopardy.

(Post Script: Our whitepaper authors would like to add, to help clarify the page below: "What we've learned in our experience with hiring UX talent is to avoid looking at job titles and focus on the deliverables created. This explains the duplication in the job titles listed on our paper.")

UX Whitepaper

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