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Weigh in Adobe’s Creative Cloud Membership [POLL]

Source: linh.ngan

(Alternately titled: “Do you want Photoshop with that?”)

Get out your calculators. Last month Adobe rolled out its newest offering: Creative Cloud Membership, which gives users access to download and install every Adobe Creative Suite (CS6) application, plus file sharing capabilities, for a monthly or yearly fee.

Sounds sweet, right? Especially at $49.99 a month.

Well, if you’ve ever tried to figure out the difference between cell phone plans or weighed the advantages/disadvantages of buying versus leasing a car, then you can probably guess how sticky it gets trying to figure out if the Creative Cloud will brighten up your year...

Or rain on your parade.

(Hey, that’s a cloud reference!)

Happily, our friends over at have already been pondering the same issue. And are fortunate enough to have Rafiq Elmansy, Adobe Community Professional and author of the highly regarded "Photoshop 3D for Animators" tackle the question for them.

It’s a great post, for anyone who regularly, or irregularly, uses the Adobe Creative Suite.

His thoughts on the advantages:

  • The monthly payment plan allows users to temporarily suspend membership between projects, potentially saving a lot of money on software costs
  • The ability to download any of the Adobe applications and its updates
  • Access to Adobe’s cloud storage, which enables users to save and share their work as well as reach it from any device: laptop, tablet, etc.
  • Access to Adobe Muse (which may or may not be a plus, depending who you ask)

And the disadvantages:

  • The cloud storage offering is a mere 2G (not a heck of a lot of space for creatives)
  • The monthly activation process is bothersome
  • It’s a costlier option if you don’t often upgrade your Adobe products
  • Many users still prefer to have the DVD for their software, not a download

Within a couple minutes of reading the article you should be able to figure out whether or not you’re on board with the new service.

Be sure to weigh in on their poll (closes at midnight 6/13/12). is looking to use these findings to give Adobe feedback on what creatives think of the new offering and what improvements should be made.

Hey, it’s just like a democracy!

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