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Webby Awards Video Series: “Got the Goods?"


Filling key positions on your team is tough. How do you know if you’re asking the right questions when narrowing down a pool of qualified applicants? What should you look for that’s not covered on a résumé? How do you see beyond a polished portfolio to the thought process behind it? How do you know whether your candidate works well with others, or refuses to share their toys in the sandbox?

You’ll find answers to these questions (and more!) in our new series produced in partnership with The Webby Awards.

Part 5: "How Do You Know If A Candidate Enjoys Feedback?"

Part 4: "How Do You Know A Candidate Has Got The Goods?"

Part 3: "How Do You Leverage Your Team?"

Part 2: "How Do You Judge If A Candidate Can Do The Job?"

Part 1: "What's Your Signature Question?"

“Got the Goods” features top-level hiring managers from across the digital spectrum sharing tips and tricks for making the right hires when filling those critical roles on your team. You know, the ones in UX/UI, web design and development, data analytics, graphic design, experience design, MarTech, and more!

  • Isabel Kantor, Senior Technology Director @ R/GA
  • Chris Seda‎, VP, Head of Experience Design @ ‎360i
  • Frank Lockwood, UX & Ecommerce Manager @ The HEINEKEN Company
  • Jan-Niklas Kokott, Head of UX @ Glossier
  • Kseniya Zito, Director of Mobile Engineering @ Playdots

Need to find out if your candidate can bring it? Watch and learn from the experts!

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