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We’ve launched Vitamin T in Australia!


Woo hoo, we’re down under!

We’re ecstatic (or should we say, “happy as Larry?”) to announce that we’ve finally brought our extra special brand of service to agencies and digital creatives in Australia!

That’s right, as of today, Vitamin T will become an integral part of the Australian creative culture. Which means it’ll be easier than ever for design-minded companies to connect with exceptional digital creative talent.

What can we say, we’ve always set the bar pretty high. Heck, it’s already worked in North America and the UK, and given what we know about our awesome team in Australia, we know it’s going to be great!

Want to know more about what we’re doing south of the equator — or just want to say, “'How ya going?” Then connect with our local teams in Sydney and Melbourne.

They’re looking forward to it!

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