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We’re 5! Happy Anniversary, Vitamin T!


We’re happy to announce that it’s our 5th anniversary!

Our mascot Vera Twang is so stoked that last night she shredded the whole office with her sick tricks. And wouldn’t you know it, we caught the whole thing on video.

We're equally stoked to share this thank you note from our president, Susie Hall.

Here we are, celebrating The Big Oh-Five!

Without a doubt, I can say that we have learned a lot over the past 5 years. With almost 17 years here at Aquent (who turns 30 this year!), I can honestly say: There’s No Place Like Here.

I’m proud of all the amazing talent we work with and all the incredible staff members who help our fabulous clients find their perfect match! And I’m over the moon that along the way we’ve won several Best of Staffing Awards for the fanatical customer service we are committed to providing each and every day.

The best part? We have a lot MORE to learn.

Here are some things we’ve learned already:

  • HUMANITY is in DEMAND! Even as the world turns to technology to find better talent faster (and so do we!), there remains a strong desire to connect with a capable HUMAN to ensure that “little things” like culture fit don’t get missed in the search for highly capable creative talent. We are those humans.
  • It’s all about the USER. Whether you’re designing, creating content, or writing code, being able to do so as part of an iterative process with the user in mind is mission critical to remaining marketable in the digital creative space.
  • You ARE your network. To be competitive in a global marketplace, every connection counts. With the largest talent network on the planet, we are an extension of our customers’ networks, and to get things done, it is STILL all about who you know.
  • Work should MEAN something. As pioneers in the creative staffing industry for almost 30 years, we know that giving back is what builds lifelong relationships. We offer tuition reimbursement to our staff, subsidized and unparalleled health benefits to our talent, and free online training in the most in-demand digital creative skills to anyone who wants it.

Though I’m clearly proud to work here, we’re still learning every day!

And we do it by taking the time to talk to and MEET people—and by listening—which is what makes us truly different. We have grown every single year here at Vitamin T, and our awesome "Vitamins" have multiplied, ensuring that we will keep that growth up by helping even more customers in the years to come.

So thanks again to everyone who has helped make Vitamin T possible.

If there’s ever anything I can do to make YOUR work life better, I’m here for you!

You can find me in lots of places:
323 475 7374

Happy Anniversary, Dearest Vitamins!

Your biggest fan (and stop motion aficionado),


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