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We Got a Best of Staffing Award!


If you’ve been looking for a reason to work with us, we’d like to tell you that our amazing talent just gave us the highest honors around by voting us onto Inavero's 2013 Best of Staffing Talent list.

(Insert “Woo Hoo!)

Since fewer than one percent of all staffing agencies in North America get this award, you can imagine we’re all pretty psyched.

And to all our Vitamin T | Aquent talent, we want to give you a HUGE THANK YOU for partnering with us to make this award possible for the second year in a row.

As our president Susie Hall says, “We're happy to show our fantastic talent how much we appreciate them by giving them a blog filled with useful content for digital creatives, fast access to our staff, and a social network with info and access to other creatives. And we are honored they that like us, they really like us!"

(She could have also mentioned the free HTML 5 training we offered online last summer, our Heads Up app with timecard functionality, and increased referral payouts for our Talent Rewards program, but she probably didn’t want to brag. Or she could have just been channeling Sally Field. Could happen.)

Thanks again, awesome talent - we promise that there’s more great stuff to come in the years to come!

And please keep giving us your feedback so we can make sure we’re doing our best to help you!

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