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Want Successful Content? Know Your Audience!

At the On The Edge Digital event in London we had the privilege to get an interview with Hannah Smith, the content strategist at Distilled.

In this last video of our three part series, (If you missed parts 1 and 2, the links are at the bottom of this post) Hannah speaks about the value of truly “out there” marketing ideas. She says it’s all about keeping the concepts in line with your brand, knowing what works on the Internet, and most importantly knowing your audience.

She loves the Dollar Shave Club video which, as well as being really funny, generated 12,000 orders in the first 48 hours and has racked up an astounding 15 million views on YouTube!

Our personal favourite campaign here at Vitamin T is the recent British Airways #Lookup campaign. The billboard advertising campaign using a digital billboard with a child that walks across the billboard and looks up and identifies British Airways planes as they fly by in the sky above.

Whilst one could assume it is difficult to identify and measure the numbers that interacted with the actual digital billboard, the amount of news coverage created from the distributed press release, coupled with the Twitter buzz for #LOOKUP and video shares shows significant interactions. The campaign ranked as one of the best content marketing campaigns for 2013 with 42,200 search results.

Who else do you think does an awesome job with their content? Let us know in the comments.

If you want to hear more of Hannah’s thoughts on content marketing, then check out our other interviews Why Your Mobile Site is Holding You Back and How to Boost Your Online Content.

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