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Wanna Work at Vitamin T? Meet Our Internal Recruiting Team


You may know all about our awesome Agents and might even be familiar with our brilliant Business Development folks, but you probably don’t know the behind-the-scenes team hellbent on finding the best and brightest people on earth to work at Vitamin T.

Meet our Internal Recruiting Crew: Christie, Miranda, Kate, and Andrea. They’re the people who ensure that every new staff member is going to help foster a culture that values ingenuity, teamwork, and personal growth.

We thought we’d adapt our 11 Quick Questions from our Vitamin of the Week series to have their team leader (and our Director of First Impressions), Christie Barkan tell you what’s it’s like working at Vitamin T and how to put your best foot forward when applying for a job here.

As is a source of ceaseless innovation, we all believe Christie has enough energy to power the United States in case we experience a nationwide blackout.

1. Why do you think someone would want to work at Vitamin T?
This place is dynamic, energetic, fantastic - just really an amazing place to be! Everyone here works hard, but always tries their best to keep it fun and interesting. Vitamin T takes great care of their staff and no one here is ever treated like a number. Anyone who meets me knows: I LOVE MY JOB and this company!

2. What do you love most Vitamin T?
Though it sounds corny, it’s got to be my boss and our president, Susie Hall. (And there’s lots to love here.) Honestly, I’ve never worked for a more passionate person. Having a leader who loves her team and motivates in a truly positive manner is so KEY to this place being so awesome. What large company do know that lets all their staff have access to the president to begin with!?

3. What is a day at Vitamin T like?
Hard work, honestly! There are a lot of fast moving projects you need to be aware of and move on quickly. I always tell candidates that if you’re the type of person who thrives on working diligently, but always makes sure to have fun while you’re doing it, this is the place! We’re still in startup mode, so there’s pressure to achieve results, but at the same time we get to be evangelists for our brand, which is easy since it’s so fun and creative.

4. What are some characteristics of a successful Vitamin T staff member?
The four key traits of our top performers are confidence, sense of urgency, drive and business acumen. So we look candidates who are dynamic, passionate, and entrepreneurial. Ones who know how to help our customers grow their business, ideally in the digital creative space. Of course, like most employers, we want to see a steady work history, and as a creative talent agency we prefer a digital, creative, or staffing background. But most of all we want someone who has been successful at prior roles and who knows (and can explain) their own value.

5. What types of roles do you look for at Vitamin T?  
We have two primary roles: Agents are recruiters with awesome client interaction skills who know how to drive business. Directors of Business Development are our sales team; they reach out to our customers to land meetings and expand our brand through their diligent sales efforts. Both are critical to our success here at Vitamin T.

6. Do people have to have staffing experience to work at Vitamin T?
Not necessarily! Though if you’ve worked in a recruiting or staffing role in the past, the learning curve is much shorter. We’ve also found that candidates with client-facing account management or digital design experience can also make the transition really quickly.

7. What sets Vitamin T apart from other recruiting agencies?
It’s got to be holism, which is one of our company’s founding Four Principles. We believe in teamwork and that we don’t succeed in spite of one another, but BECAUSE of one another. While the staffing industry may have a reputation for being competitive or cutthroat, we’re known for hiring smart, nice people who help one another learn and grow. We don’t look for mavericks who get to the top by stomping on anyone who gets in their way, we look for collaborators and people who really enjoy helping others. Because we all think that staffing is about helping clients find great talent and helping talent find great careers. We are “people people.” If you treat people well, they will pass that care along to customers. It’s really pretty simple, actually!

8. Most important advice for an internal resume sent to you?
Remember this: you are applying to a digital creative firm. We love things like white space and attention to detail! Our staff tend to be early adopters of all things social, so make sure your social accounts are on your resume and, to really impress, connect with us online. Our Digital Zookeeper will love you for it!

9. How can a candidate catch your attention?
A great (and very complete) LinkedIn profile. When I see a great one I automatically start looking at what else they need to make a great fit. Even if the person’s not an exact fit, but has a great profile, I’ll still keep tabs on them.

10. What is one thing someone should never do when interviewing?
Interrupt! It seems obvious, but sadly it happens more than you’d think. First, it’s disrespectful to the interviewer, and second, you’re likely to miss something important along the way. So if you have a thought while your interviewer is talking, make a note and come back to it when it is your time to talk. Or, of course, bring it up at the end when you’re asking for that job!

11. What are the tools you use when looking for talent?
Referrals are our number one resource, followed closely by LinkedIn. As recruiters, we’re all well connected on LinkedIn, and let’s face it, great people ALWAYS know great people. Our job is all about having a human approach and getting to know people!

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