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Vote to Give Your Favorite Site a Webby!


It’s that time once again for the Webby Awards, and for YOU to vote for your favorite site, video, and app to receive a People’s Voice Award.

Unencumbered by an Electoral College or annoying clinging chads, the People’s Voice process guarantees winners will not be duking it out in Florida to determine who’s really number one.

There can only be one number one, right?

Some of our faves are up for an nomination (ones you picked for our
5 Most Beautiful Websites of 2012 poll
): Etsy, VEVO and VEVO mobile, and Flipboard.

And like elections in most places, you can only vote once. Sorry, ballot stuffers.

But heck, you can share your results on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter, which is a nice consolation, since it’s sort of like voting on the Jumbotron.

So pop on over to the Webby’s site and rock the vote!

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