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Source: Zachary Siswick

You may not be aware that the patron saint of front-end developers, copywriters, UX designers, heck, all digital freelance creatives, is in fact St. Talentine.

Talentine was an expert craftsman who, in the middle ages, created beautiful artwork out of zeros and ones until he was stopped by a math-challenged king. (True. We wouldn’t make this stuff up.)

And it’s on this very day that we say a huge THANK YOU to all the incredible creatives who work with us, friend us, and follow us all year long.

Our Orange County team celebrated the event early last week with their very own Talentines by hosting a little nosh, drink, and, of course, chocolate.

But don’t worry if you couldn’t make it out (no, we didn’t expect people would be boarding planes just to go and yes, your invite was lost in the mail); we’ve still got plenty in store for you in 2012:

  • MyAquent Mobile App (Coming soon! An easy way to quickly update your freelance availability and contact your agent, fast.)
  • Infographics and Tools (Educate yourself the fun and easy way! We’ve created these resources to keep you on top of your creative game.)
  • Inspiration Mondays (Thoughts to jump-start your week, every Monday right on our Facebook page!)
  • Geek Trivia Wednesdays (Fun and prizes, also on our Facebook page! It’s crazy over there!)
  • And, of course, jobs, jobs, jobs (No explanation needed, right?)

If it’s been awhile since you’ve caught up with the folks at your local Vitamin T office, it’s the perfect day to do it! Why don’t you drop your agent a line with a copy of your newly revamped resume or portfolio site? That’d be sweet. You could be rewarded with something much better than chocolate (well, if there is such a thing).

As an extra special gift, keep watching the Talentine's Day album on our Facebook page throughout the day for more reasons why Vitamin T is your best source for REAL people who are REAL sweet on you. (But not in a creepy, stalkery way...)

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