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Vitamin T Goes Remote but Stays Connected

We have seen that remote work is the future.

– Sarah-Tyler Moore / Mid-Atlantic Director, Aquent/Vitamin T

Aquent/Vitamin T  is in the news for plans to make working remotely a permanent policy for almost its entire workforce. The company has chosen to not renew leases on many of its offices and will, instead, invest the savings in employee well-being initiatives. They’re also hiring a new Head of Community & Culture to help oversee employee engagement and deal with issues that come with working from home - things like, technology support and challenges related to childcare at home. While working remotely last year, Aquent/Vitamin T saw no declines in productivity and received positive employee feedback. Still, according to Sarah-Tyler Moore, “we’re making sure that we’re providing employees with support and connection to other employees on their team.” Vitamin T will keep about ten percent of its offices for large meetings, special projects and certain clients.

This story originally broadcast on WWBT/NBC12.

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