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Vitamin T Agent of the Week: Sarah Ailsworth (RICHMOND, VA)


Sarah Ailsworth

A lover of both marketing and advertising (her favorite show is Mad Men), Sarah has a strong background in nonprofit and agency marketing, media, PR, and advertising.

She is equally crazy about creating amazing success stories for both her talent and clients.

We asked her 11 Quick Questions to find out what advice she has for digital creatives, what keeps her inspired, and important stuff like her favorite app.

  1. App that you can't live without? Pinterest
  2. iPhone or Android or Blackberry? iPhone
  3. Who rocks your world on Twitter? @LukeBryanOnline
  4. Favorite site? Facebook
  5. Inspirational Digital Hero? Ben Silbermann (co-founder of Pinterest)
  6. Stranded-on-an-island DVD? Wedding Crashers
  7. Most important advice for creative resumes? Brand yourself creatively!  Make your resume stand out from another person's by personalizing it and adding pizazz.
  8. Favorite place to eat in town? Portico
  9. Jobs trending in your area? Social Media Specialist
  10. Favorite ad campaign? BBDO New York’s M&M’s campaign (most especially the “I’m Sexy and I Know It’ ad first aired during the Super Bowl)
  11. Parting piece of advice for interviewing? Be prepared!...Always research the company and the person you are interviewing with so that you can provide information about the position and the company on the spot.  Smile big, too! :)

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