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Vitamin T Agent of the Week: Molly Maymar (NYC)


Molly Maymar

With over seven years of design experience, Molly speaks fluent Creative and is truly ecstatic to be a Vitamin T agent at a time when the digital landscape is changing so radically.

We contacted her in our "Silicon Valley East" office, (NYC), where she answered our 11 Quick Questions. Read on to find out what advice she has for digital creatives, what keeps her inspired, and important stuff like her favorite app.

  1. App that you can't live without? Yelp!
  2. iPhone, Android, or Blackberry? iPhone
  3. Who rocks your world on Twitter? @FastCompany
  4. Favorite site? Motionographer, a blog that focuses on amazing motion graphics, visual effects, animation, and design work.
  5. Inspirational Digital Hero? UX heroine, Dana Chisnell, co-author of the Handbook of Usability Testing.
  6. Stranded-on-an-island DVD? Paris is Burning
  7. Most important advice for creative resumes? Include your contact information, especially your portfolio link; stay succinct; and highlight any major brand experience.
  8. Favorite place to eat in town? Ippudo NY
  9. Jobs trending in your area? Product-focused User Interface
  10. Favorite ad campaign? Skittles by TBWA\Chiat\Day New York
  11. Parting piece of advice for interviewing? Be sure to research the client before interviewing and... show up on time!

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