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Vitamin T Agent of the Week: Jennette Lemley (Austin, TX)


Jennette Lemley

Jennette considers herself a matchmaker between rockstar creatives and their dream jobs. We couldn’t agree more! When she’s not out networking and attending events like SXSW and GDC (Game Developers Conference), she’s in the office finding work for Austin talent with mad skills in content, design, and development.

She took time away from her busy desk to answer our 11 Quick Questions so you can find out what advice she has for digital creatives, what keeps her inspired, and important stuff like her favorite app.

  1. App that you can't live without? Bandsintown. It lets you know when your favorite bands and DJs are swinging by.
  2. iPhone, Android, or Blackberry? iPhone
  3. Who rocks your world on Twitter? Scott Levy, CEO of Fuel Internet Marketing
  4. Favorite site? Behance
  5. Inspirational Digital Hero? Jer Thorp, artist, educator, and data artist in residence at the New York Times.
  6. Stranded-on-an-island DVD? Tombstone
  7. Most important advice for creative resumes? Have a position in mind when creating your resume. Highlight skills and experiences which are in line with current and anticipated needs of your industry.
  8. Favorite place to eat in town? Uchiko
  9. Jobs trending in your area? Front End Development and everything Interactive!
  10. Favorite ad? Saatchi & Saatchi’s Swagger Wagon ad for Toyota.
  11. Parting piece of advice for interviewing? Be yourself, research the company, prepare your own set of questions to ask the interviewer, and always follow up with a thank you note.

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