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Vitamin of the Week: Tim Cozine (Orange County, CA)


Tim Cozine

When it comes to working with our Vitamin T clients, Director of Business Development Tim Cozine doesn’t like to make waves.

He makes sure to know his client’s every last wish before setting off to find them the perfectly matched talent.

If you’re into making sure your next hire is smooth sailing, read his answers to our 7 Quick Questions, then give him a shout!

  1. What made you want to work at Vitamin T and what do you love most about working here? Hands down the company culture and the industry we get to work in. I majored in PR, marketing and advertising in college, and it’s so great to be immersed in this industry on a daily basis. About working here, I love the fact that our company empowers you to be the best professional that you can be. The resources and support here are amazing.

  2. What’s the BEST thing someone can do when looking for a job? Like other Vitamins of the Week I have more than one:
    • Make sure it's job that you're actually interested in. Your ideal position should be a fit with the company’s philosophy, skill set, and culture.
    • Ensure that your resume is tailored to the job at hand. Highlight your skills, use buzzwords and elaborate on any and all your accomplishments.
    • Brag/boast about yourself. Companies look for consistency and results, so if you were the best at what you did, brag about it in detail.
  3. Biggest myth about being a recruiter/salesperson/staffing industry?
    That we're "headhunters" or "people pushers". Granted that there are a few bad apples out there that may have caused this assumption, but they are few and far between. What many people don't realize is that this business is all about the long term relationship. From the candidate to the client, we work hard to get to know everyone’s needs so we can make a perfect match. Looking for a quick sell or quick buck here and there won’t set you up for longevity.

  4. What app do you use regularly that provides great user experience? 
    Spotify. I'm very into music. I wake up and go to bed with songs stuck in my head and I'm constantly looking for something new to listen to. Spotify's usability and accessibility makes it easy for me to discover new music and different sounds/genres.

  5. What’s your favorite interview question?
    "How do you handle adversity and conflict in the workplace? Give me an example of when you faced this and turned it into a positive outcome."
    I'm a big believer in office/company culture. If you don't like who you’re working with and can’t learn to work on a team, then your production, attitude, and lifestyle will suffer. If a candidate can’t answer this question well, that’s a red flag. Sorry, but we can’t afford to put that person to work. Doing so would hurt our brand and our position with clients.

  6. What’s your favorite brand and why?
    My favorite brand is Nike. Ever since I can remember I've been borderline obsessed with them (I used to get the Nike "Swoosh" cut in my head when I was 5). I like the look and feel of their products, the athletes they represent, and the industry trends that they set.

  7. Who is your creative or digital hero?
    There's a handful of strong creative and digital heroes for me, but the standout one that comes to mind is Gene McCarthy. Not only is he a household name within multiple industries, but he's also a former NCAA All-American. He's been a leader for some of the top athletic brands out there: Under Armour, Reebok and even Nike's Jordan Brand.

On the lookout for hot creative talent in the OC? Talk to Tim!

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