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Vitamin of the Week: Stephanie Ladue (Philadelphia)

Stephanie Ladue

If you’re looking for some fantastic creative and digital talent for your next big project, pull up a paddle and chat with Philadelphia’s Director of Business Development, Stephanie Ladue!

She’s got more than 12 years’ experience ensuring her clients get what they need today, tomorrow, and for years to come. (She says she can sometimes even pull off yesterday’s needs.)

Get a better agency relationship! Read through Stephanie’s answers to our 7 Quick Questions then be sure to give her a call!

  1. What’s one important skill every person should have and why? Listening. You can learn so much just by listening to people. I come from a huge family and everyone wants to get a word in. Working in sales has taught me that you learn more about people by listening than trying to get the next word in. If you deeply listen to someone, they will eventually say something that helps you relate to them. Once that happens, trust begins to build and you’ve got a relationship.
  2. The biggest myth about being salesperson in the staffing industry? It may sound strange to say, but it’s that we can’t fill every role. Sure, we want to help fill as many roles as we can, but we are always transparent when it’s a role we work with (and build a talent pool for) and when it’s not. The last thing we want is to build a poor relationship because we took on a position that’s not in our wheelhouse.
  3. Best creative/digital event in your city? Philly Tech Week. It’s a weeklong event organized into six different tracks (creative, dev, access, civic, business, and media) with conferences you can attend daily. It’s a great way to learn and really get yourself involved in the community.
  4. What’s the BEST thing someone can do when looking for a job? I have three pieces of advice, actually. One, open your network. Reach out to anyone you know or are connected to. Anyone might know somebody who works at those places you'd like to. (This list includes recruiters!) You can only help yourself by letting others know what you're looking for and what you specialize in. Two, when networking, always ask questions! You may learn something that could lead to your next job. All by asking one question. Lastly, be patient! Sometimes the best role takes time. Believe me, it will be worth it!
  5. What made you want to work at Vitamin T? The people! Everyone I interviewed with here was amazing. They all came across as so genuine and nice and seemed to really enjoy their work-life balance and the job itself! Also the chance to work in the creative world was very alluring. It seems like everything I see out in the world now is somehow supported by the talent we place.
  6. What do you love about working with creative talent? They are such interesting people! Many of the jobs in this industry I can't fathom doing myself, so it’s so wonderful to learn so much about what they do and can accomplish.  
  7. What most excites you about your work and the contribution you make? In a past job I was a hiring manager. That was the hardest part of my job. I had to interview, sort through resumes, etc. It was was the most difficult thing because it took so much time from my day, every day. I love being able to help a hiring  manager alleviate that stress!

Looking for great creatives in Philly? Talk to Stephanie!

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