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Vitamin of the Week: Sam Elizondo (Austin)


Sam’s a Texas native with more than 14 years of experience working with Austin’s finest creative minds. He says his calling is to help businesses grow and keep up with ever-changing industry demands by connecting them with the most amazing designers, producers, digital talent, etc. in the world.

No small feat, but then again, they don’t do “small” in Texas.

If you’re in need of amazing creative / marketing talent, or just need some words of wisdom from someone who really knows this business, read Sam’s answers to our 7 Quick Questions, then give him a ring!

  1. What most excites you about your work and the contribution you make? I like helping people and building relationships. While I may not be saving lives or shaping the minds of future generations (like my lovely wife), I get excited when I think about helping businesses grow and reach more people with their services, thanks to the awesome talent that we provide. My job influences all levels of the marketplace: the companies, the job-seekers, and the consumers who benefit from the finished products.

  2. What’s one question a candidate should always ask in a job interview? “What would you like to see me achieve in my first 90 days, my first six months, and my first year?”

  3. What do you love about working with creative talent? Umm...their talent! I enjoy seeing people do what they love and do it well. That's why I like watching sports and programs such as “America's Got Talent” and “The Voice.”  

  4. What’s one important skill every person should have? The knowledge of and the ability to maximize your individual strengths. Know what you're good at and do it as often as possible. Also, the ability to not compare yourself to others. Heed Theodore Roosevelt’s words: "Comparison is the thief of joy."

  5. What tech innovation has most impacted your life? Digital photography, electronic photo sharing, cloud photo backup, etc. I appreciate this more and more now that I have a little one. Being able to see hundreds of pictures of my baby at the touch of a button is amazing. I cherish the few photos that I have of myself and my family from when I was a kid. It is amazing to know that I will have a vast visual history to look back upon and pass down to my own family.

  6. How did you get into recruiting? I worked for The Art Institutes for many years, and I always enjoyed going to the portfolio shows to see examples of student work. When I had the opportunity to translate that experience into creative staffing, I jumped at it!

  7. Favorite GIF? The "Truffle Shuffle" from “The Goonies.” 

Truffle Shuffle

Looking for great creative and marketing talent in Austin? Call Sam!

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