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Vitamin of the Week: Quinn Sidon (San Diego)


Being able to match amazing creative talent with the perfect opportunity is what Quinn loves most about being an agent. It’s also what the talent love about him! Here’s how one of our creatives recommends him:

Quinn is super personable, very responsive, listens to your needs and works hard find you opportunities that fit your talents and personality. Since I was new to San Diego, it was such a relief to have found Quinn and I truly consider him my recruiter for life!”

Looking for an awesome job in San Diego? Read Quinn’s answers to our 7 Quick Questions, then give him a ring!

  1. What most excites you about your work and the contribution you make? I really enjoy hearing the career stories of the talent I've helped place as well as see them advance in their skills and careers. It's so gratifying to know that I've played a role in that evolution. Just this week, one of the first talent I met when I started was the opening speaker for San Diego’s Design Forward conference. In 2011 she had come into our office a bit exasperated and directionless. We met and discussed how her experience could be applied in different ways. Then we helped land her a job with a company that propelled her career in a positive direction. Now she's the principal robotics UX designer at that company. She's become a true inspiration: a passionate designer who always seeks to make valuable contributions!

  2. What’s your favorite interview question? “What other skills would you like to mention on or off of your resume that we haven't discussed?” It's amazing all of the technical and other skills that people mention when you ask. It may lead you to think about other positions they might be perfect for!

  3. What do you love about working with creative talent? I love that creative talent always want to challenge themselves to create something new. It’s amazing to see them concept and solve problems in a fun and meaningful way.

  4. What’s one important skill every person should have? I think it's good for people to be able to make a really good meal or a great cocktail. :) You never know when the occasion may arise to serve someone or a group of friends. Having a meal or cocktail in your back pocket can make a regular evening turn into a memorable one!

  5. How did you get into recruiting? In New York I worked in the headquarters of an international volunteer organization. At one point we grew so quickly that we needed an internal recruiter to source and vet all of the additional operations staff. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to hire for IT, HR, marketing, customer service, and more. It set me on my path of helping others get jobs!

  6. What tech innovation has most impacted your life? It's just hard to imagine life without my iPhone. The photos, videos, and screenshots have just become part of my daily life. How fun is it to take 30 photos of the same thing, then just keep the favorite one? Long gone are the days of picking up your photos a week later with half of them unrecognizable.

  7. Favorite GIF? Just another day in sunny San Diego!


Find a great job in San Diego by connecting with Quinn!

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