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Vitamin of the Week: Owen Massey (Los Angeles)


Owen Massey

Owen has over 18 years experience in the creative industry. From licensing the work of Andy Warhol to representing Academy Award winners, he’s a guy who truly understands the intersection of Creative and Business.

Check out his answers to our 11 Quick Questions, and he’ll shine some light on subjects like why temp-to-perm is the best way to hire talent and advice on how to interview a creative.

  1. Number one mistake people make when hiring a creative? Not fully addressing the importance of culture fit, especially for longer term positions.
  2. Favorite social network & why? LinkedIn. I've used it since it first began, and it’s become such an amazing business resource. Contacts, talent, peers, it’s got everyone you need to know for your career.
  3. In your experience, why does Temp-to-Perm work so well in the creative and digital space? Culture fit. It's a crazy world out there and you never know the true measure of somebody until you've saddled up with them and you're out on the open range together. Temp-to-hire lets you trade in your pardner if their spurs jingling and jangling burns your hide.
  4. What’s the BEST thing you can do when you’re looking for a job? Actively promote yourself to your network and beyond. And not just digitally! Get out there, meet people, share your thoughts, and engage.
  5. Best advice to any manager conducting an interview? Really drill down on specific accomplishments and get past "the sell."
  6. Favorite place to keep up with changes in the digital world? I've followed Mashable and Wired for a long time. There are no bigger tech and digital news powerhouses, period. In terms of ongoing professional learning as it relates to on-the-job smarts, there's only one source for me: Aquent Gymnasium!!
  7. Digital or creative hero? Cormac McCarthy. (Great storytelling is great design!)
  8. Best creative/digital event in your city? A toss up between E3 and The Academy Awards.
  9. Describe your city in 5 words. Understood dimly and in flashes.
  10. Favorite meme or parody? Anything related to Luis Suarez's teeth.
  11. Guilty song pleasure? George Formby's "Fanlight Fanny the Frowsy Nightclub Queen".

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