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Vitamin of the Week: Mike Monnat (Dallas, TX)


Mike Monnat (and friend)

Mike’s mission: to save the world from bad design.

Starting with Texas.

That’s why agencies and design-minded companies in Dallas work with him to get the best creatives in the market working on their projects.

Check out his answers to our 11 Quick Questions and you’ll find out the traits clients ask for most and his best example of awesome UX.

  1. Traits that clients ask for most? Talent who are the 4 As: Agile, Adaptable, Accommodating, and Autonomous.
  2. Best advice to any manager conducting an interview? The interview process can be a frustrating, time-consuming endeavor even under normal circumstances. Eliminate the stress by identifying the key skill sets/experiences you need before you even start the interview process, and be ready to move quickly when you do identify a candidate. It's not uncommon for in-demand, digital talent such as UX specialists, front-end developers, and web/mobile designers to have numerous job opportunities within days, not weeks.
  3. Best digital event in your city? Though it's only the second year in existence, Dallas Digital Summit is quickly becoming the region's largest digital gathering, delving into everything: digital media/marketing, web strategies, design, startups, emerging technologies, and more. And talk about your big name speakers: Steve "Woz" (Apple), Paul Bettner (Words with Friends), and Brent Herd (Twitter). If you’re a digital marketing or creative professional, this is a can't-miss event held every December!
  4. Favorite meme? Geico’s Humpday is always a Vitamin T office favorite!! "Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike!! What day is it Mike?!"
  5. Advice for freelancers to make their first day a successful one? Being prepared to make a great first impression goes a long way! Research your client and their environment prior to starting an assignment (our agents can help provide great insight here), arrive early, go in with a positive attitude, and do great work! If you do great work, your name will become well known!
  6. Next big thing in digital? With the number of mobile devices scheduled to overtake the number of desktop and laptop computers this year, 2014 is the Year of Mobile. Mobile apps and responsive websites will be a huge initiative for most marketers and the demand for digital talent will continue to skyrocket.
  7. Best example of awesome UX? A few of my favorite UX trends this past year were animated scrolling, sticky labels, and collapsed forms/comments. I’d give you examples, but I’ll do you one better, I’ll pass along this great Smashing Magazine article with lessons and examples
  8. Who is your favorite superhero? Charles Xavier of X-Men because I would love the ability to read minds. It’d sure speed up the process of helping clients find great talent!
  9. Who rocks your world on Twitter? @smashingmag (see above)
  10. Favorite type or font? Sanchez Slab... Check it out!
  11. Guilty song pleasure? THE power ballad of the 90’s: Damn Yankees’ “High Enough.”

Looking for a partner to find you great freelancers in the Dallas area?

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