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Vitamin of the Week: Mike Monnat (Dallas)


Mike Monnat

Mike’s mission is to save the world from bad design.

Starting with Texas.

(He is actually eyeing bad type treatment on the restaurant wall in this photo.)

That’s exactly why Dallas-based agencies and design-minded companies choose to work with him when they need the area’s best creatives to work on their projects.

Check out his answers to our 7 Quick Questions, then give him a ring if you need a digital superhero to save your day.

  1. What most excites you about your work and the contribution you make? I love that at the very core of what we do here is helping our creative friends find meaningful work. It's also extremely gratifying knowing that you're helping local companies increase their business by hiring the creatives they love. And with our Dallas team making over 450 successful matches last year, I think that's something we're all really proud to say we were a part of.
  2. What’s the BEST thing someone can do when looking for a job? A common mistake that job seekers make is by only targeting companies with current job postings. Be strategic in your job search. Create a SHORT list of companies and industries that you'd love to work for and network with the people within those organizations. These days, a lot of companies rely on internal referrals (as well as their friendly, neighborhood Vitamin T offices) to find the best qualified people before the jobs ever get posted. So use those connections wisely to get your foot in the door!
  3. Best creative/digital event in your city? Why? There are some great Meetups and events in Dallas for creative and marketing professionals alike, but I'd have to say my top pick is Digital Summit Dallas. It’s an event that brings together some of the brightest minds on the planet, and is also an excellent place to learn and network with peers. A few of the previous speakers and companies in attendance have included Steve Wozniak (Apple), Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks), Facebook, and Reddit.
  4. Biggest myth about staffing agencies? A common myth is that recruiters don't know much about the field in which they recruit. The great thing about Vitamin T is that we are a speciality agency. For example, we don't place administrative or clerical professionals. We only work with advertising agencies and mid-sized companies who are looking to hire creative and digital marketing talent. We attend association meetings and events to stay on top of industry trends and technologies. In fact, a lot of our internal staff come from the advertising and marketing space, so we're able to work as a valued partner for both our talent and clients.
  5. What’s your favorite interview question? Why is it your favorite? "What motivates you to get up in the morning?" For one, it’s not a question they’re going to hear every interview, that’s for sure, which is an advantage. It gives me incredible insight on what motivates the candidate and gives me a better understanding of their passions and what really makes them tick.
  6. What tech innovation has most impacted your life? And how has it impacted it? I'm constantly on the road networking with fellow creative professionals and hiring managers, and I'm not known for my sense of direction, so the invention of GPS has been life-changing for me!
  7. Name 3 things you think will become obsolete in ten years. Plastic credit cards, keys, and (hopefully) Korean pop sensation, Psy.

Gangnam Style

Looking for top creatives in Dallas? Contact Mike!

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