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Vitamin of the Week: Marti Williamson (Atlanta, GA)


Marti Williamson

With her agency background in copywriting and account management, Marti’s truly passionate about all things digital. Which is great news for Atlanta digital creatives who are looking to work at the hottest agencies and companies in town.

Looking for advice on conducting interviews? How to make your first day as a freelancer great? Then check out all her answers to our 11 Quick Questions.

  1. Advice for freelancers to make their first day a successful one? Treat your first day like a full-time job and always try to make a great first impression. Even if it's only a 4-hour assignment, you never know what manager could be watching or what bridge might be built by your outstanding work and a professional outlook.
  2. Next big thing in digital? I think in-store experiences are going to get totally rejuvenated with digital fun. As a self-diagnosed shopping addict, I believe that those experiences are going to get enhanced with digital tools that provide access to goods and during checkout.
  3. Google or Bing? Google.
  4. Best advice to any manager conducting an interview? Keep questions as open-ended as you can and avoid situations where the candidate can give an evasive or overly inclusive answer. The classic example is asking someone if they like working in teams or independently. Most candidates will answer that they're great at both. Ask them instead to describe their ideal work environment. This lets you better understand what they're actually looking for and what their best fit might look like.
  5. Biggest mistake people make on their resumes? Information that is hard to access, unclear, or out of order. UX isn't just for apps and websites; the end user (reader) of your resume should have an incredible experience. Formatting and spelling make up half the battle, but your resume should read in a way that makes sense and easily guides the hiring manager through your experiences and expertise.
  6. Native Apps or Responsive Design? Responsive Design.
  7. Traits that clients ask for most? Clients are always looking for people who are adaptable and have a desire to learn. Those are incredibly marketable skills. Also, since everyone seems to be wearing a lot of hats these days and the world is changing quickly, an "all hands on deck" attitude is essential to success in most environments.
  8. Favorite meme? Any meme with a really nerdy Harry Potter reference.
  9. Best example of awesome UX? I love the Uber app. Partially because the app itself is easy to use, but also because the company knows that UX doesn't end when someone clicks off a screen. Everything from identifying my location to getting dropped off by my Uber cab is easy, quick, and a satisfying experience.
  10. Who rocks your world on Twitter? Modern Seinfeld.
  11. Guilty song pleasure? Beyonce’s “Love On Top”... except that I feel no guilt.

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