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Vitamin of the Week: Marti Munford (TALENT BRIDGE SPECIALIST)

Vitamin of the Week:...

Marti Munford

As Vitamin T’s  resident temp to perm specialist (we call it Talent Bridge), Marti helps make the transition from working interview to permanent position a smooth one. Thanks to her, creatives find a job they love and clients find the perfect people for their team!

Dig into her answers to our 11 Quick Questions and find out why temp to perm is a better way to hire creatives and the best way to work with a recruiter.

  1. Why does Talent Bridge work so well in the creative and digital space? The creative world is a place of big personalities and a variety of aesthetics—and often a place where objective business sense meets subjective design preferences. Creating a workplace that’s both unified, but also a safe for innovation and idea sharing is a delicate balance. Bringing in a creative who doesn't fit (however talented he or she may be) puts your team’s harmony in jeopardy. Hiring in a temp-to-perm model helps assess fit before making any long-term commitments.
  2. Best ways to work with a recruiter to fill a role? Communicate as often as you can—you'll get better results and a faster return.
  3. Best advice to any manager conducting an interview? Honesty is the best policy!
  4. Number one mistake people make when hiring a creative? Not considering culture. A hire that doesn't "fit" with your team is enough to throw off anyone's creative juices! Make sure someone is a long-term fit before bringing them on full time.
  5. Best way for freelancers to market themselves on social media? Listen as much as you talk. I think folks often forget that social media is a conversation, not a podium. Make sure you're putting your information out there, but also keeping an ear to the ground of what's moving and shaking in your community. Twitter is great for this, of course, so find a conversation to contribute to. When it's all about what's in it for you, no one is going to want to listen.
  6. What’s the BEST thing you can do when you’re looking for a job? Start with who you know. A personal connection is going to get you 100x further than the Internet ever will. And (hint hint) your agent probably knows a lot of people!
  7. Best creative/digital event in your city? An Event Apart!
  8. Tips for making a compelling portfolio? Make sure your work is front and center, and also take the time to explain your thought process and decision making behind the work. Explain what your team looked like and what the business problem was that you were solving.
  9. Describe your city in 5 words. Underrated, eclectic, traffic-filled, growing and, of course, Southern. .
  10. Favorite meme or parody? Grumpy Cat, of course!
  11. Guilty song pleasure? I've been known to listen to some Mariah Carey’s "All I Want For Christmas Is You" pretty much year round.

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