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Vitamin of the Week: Lola Sizemore (Boston)


Lola Sizemore

When Boston clients need to extinguish creative fires, they always call in our agent Lola to save the day.

A former art director herself (can anyone really be a “former” AD?), she speaks fluent design and knows where to find the skilled creatives her clients desperately need.

Whether you’re looking for an amazing gig or your next exceptional team member, check out her answers to our 7 Quick Questions, then give her a holler!

  1. In your job, what’s been your favorite moment or biggest joy? Every time I fill a position it means someone has a brand new job. That's a wonderful feeling. I've had a lot of great moments here, including kayaking with my teammates, attending some awesome creative awards shows, and even seeing some inspiring speakers this year at the Ad Club Women's Leadership Conference. I'm so appreciative of being able to work with such amazing people. Recently someone got me a bottle of wine and maple syrup as a thank you gift for helping them get a job. It was seriously the coolest thing ever.
  2. What made you want to work at Vitamin T? What do you love most about working here? My background is in art direction/design and I used to work at an ad agency. One night I attended a Digital Rendezvous, one of our local networking events, and met the Boston Vitamin T team. I thought, “Wow, this looks like a cool place to work!” And was I so right. What I love about working here is the feeling I get when we help someone finally get their dream job. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a work environment you don’t love. We're lucky that so many of our clients are crazy amazing. I've seen offices that have everything from dogs running around to wildly-designed ping pong tables to a complete drum set.
  3. Biggest myth about working at a staffing agency? That we have scales and sharp talons? I've heard some pretty bad stories about recruiters. I'm not crazy about the word "recruiters" as we're really talent agents. We represent talented people looking for great jobs and we help clients find them. It's closer to creative matchmaking, minus the horrible Patti Stanger impressions. Like I tell everyone, I got into this to help my friends get jobs.
  4. What app do you use regularly that provides great user experience? Spotify is one of my favorite apps, although I wasn't crazy about their logo color change. They are consistently releasing great improvements like creating "discover" lists based on the user experience. They have excellent use of iconography that makes it easier for visual users (like myself) to remember where items are. It's extremely intuitive, so anyone can pick it up and not only find the music they want to hear, but discover new artists as well. Win-win.
  5. What’s your favorite interview question? "If I have 1 minute to tell a company about you, what should I say?" This is always my final question in any interview. You would think this would be the "elevator pitch," but more often than not I get things like, "Tell them I once drove a duck boat" or "I'm a world class karate champion." These fun details about someone's life are things I love to hear about, too!
  6. What’s your favorite brand and why? I've been watching Squarespace ever since they were at An Event Apart a few years ago (I still have the t-shirt!) They have a great product and saw that there was a huge need in the market. They've not only tapped into those designers and artists who needed a quick way to put together a portfolio site, but other creative professions as well. WordPress wasn't really set up for portfolio viewing and some of the other sites don't have as well designed templates, further proving that an excellent design really matters. I’m interested  to see how Squarespace continues its move  into the  e-commerce market, and excited to follow them as  they start to affect smaller business owners.
  7. Who is your creative or digital hero? I have SO MANY. My biggest design inspiration has always been Saul Bass and I truly believe there are millions of designs that are influenced by his work to this day. For my current design influences, I could listen to Aaron Draplin and Mike Monteiro talk all day long. They are just brilliant, truly have a passion for design and are so incredibly smart when it comes to the business side of creativity. When it comes to digital, of course Jared Spool. I mean, he's a legend. And Steve Krug's book "Don't Make Me Think" is just brilliant. Every person going into UX should read this. But the NUMBER ONE HERO: Frida Kahlo. If she was alive today she would rule the art AND design world. It would be insane and colorful.

Looking for amazing jobs in the Boston area? Talk to Lola!

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