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Vitamin of the Week: Liz McBride (Portland)


Liz McBride

Agent Liz McBride says no matter who she’s helping, she always gets a warm fuzzy feeling.

We imagine it was doubly so when the picture above was taken.

Her advocacy for Portland’s top creative talent is just one of the many reasons we love having her on our Vitamin T team.

Looking to fetch another gig? Or scratch your I-need-a-job itch?

Check out her answers to our 7 Quick Questions—then give her a shout!

  1. What most excites you about your work and the contribution you make? I actually have an example from my own life: the only reason I met my husband was because I was at a job that I got from working with a recruiter. I feel I owe it to that amazing recruiter for getting me the opportunity. I like to think that I'm not just getting people jobs, I’m helping change people's lives!
  2. What’s your favorite interview question? Why is it your favorite? What do you like to do outside of work?” It’s a question that gives me insight into that person as an individual. Also, I oftentimes use that information to match them up with clients who have similar interests. It works!
  3. What’s the BEST thing someone can do when looking for a job? Don’t just jump into it running. Big mistake. You need to make sure everything is updated—that means your resume, LinkedIn profile, portfolio, etc.—before you start an active search. If you don’t, your first impression is going to be a weak one.
  4. Best creative/digital event in your city? Design Week Portland!
  5. What’s one important skill every person should have and why? Gratitude! You’ll find so many doors open the minute you start to show thanks and appreciation to people. Try it!
  6. Name 3 things you think will become obsolete in ten years. CDs, styrofoam cups, and fax machines.
  7. As a 5 year old, what did you want to be when you grew up? A doctor, so I could afford to buy a Liz Claiborne purse!

Want to find great opportunities in Portland? Contact Liz!

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