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Vitamin of the Week: Katy Gasperoni (Detroit)

Katy Gasperoni

Looking for someone to help tackle your job search? Make those goals? Sack the competition?

You, my friend, need to talk to Detroit agent Katy Gasperoni.

(All right, she’s really not going to take out your competition, but we promise she’s going to make you look awesome to hiring managers.)

With 11 years in the business, she knows how to connect and make great matches. So check out her answers to our 7 Quick Questions, then give her a call!

  1. What most excites you about your work & the contribution you make? In the past 5 years I've had a front row seat to the revitalization of Detroit and the amazing impact our client's work has on our city. Being able to contribute to that by engaging Detroit talent with these projects is pretty kick ass.

  2. What’s one important skill every person should have? Communication! Whether it be written or verbal, being able to clearly and concisely convey one's thoughts is incredibly important.

  3. The one question a candidate should always ask in a job interview? This is my must ask one: “How will the work I’ll be doing contribute to the company's mission?”

  4. What do you love about working with creative talent? Their passion and purpose to help solve problems and/or make something better.

  5. What tech innovation has most impacted your life? Netflix has forever changed my way of movie and television watching. But then again, isn’t that true for everyone?

  6. If you could have dinner with one person living or dead, who would it be? Elvis, of course!

  7. Favorite GIF? This one. Why? It's Brad Pitt in “Burn After Reading!”


Looking for a great gig in Detroit? Talk to Katy!

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